October- A Poem

The following poem was inspired by the World Series but its not necessarily about the World Series.

It’s fall with the boys of summer

Time for the best to square off

The intensity is felt by

Every player and fan

Every play grinding

Every pitch grinding

The way it’s been since the beginning, your

Team and mine in crisp October air

Every play grinding

Every pitch grinding

To be young again

And to be great enough to play

A batter, a pitcher, a fielder what I would give

To be there

To feel the intensity

But alas I am old and I am mortal



I measure my dreams every tenth month though I come up short

I can only imagine the intensity as I watch; I have my dreams

Go boys of summer settle the score for another October

For I can only watch but I have my dreams

We can revel in watching and grinding with every pitch

We can revel in the champions play for it’s your game but my October