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Summer is back and in more ways than one. The weather has warmed up nicely and the  thunderstorms break up the afternoon and business levels have also increased. In talking with some Lodging operators many have noted that they are seeing demand at pre-2008 levels. All good. It would be wrong to say “were back” and leave it at that. The local economy needs significant improvement to be able to provide the sustained level of jobs and revenue we need. We need to continue to focus on major projects that will reshape and improve the South Shore including the loop road, community plans, and continued focus on recreation development. We are need major changes for the future.

The new proposed Hard Rock Casino Hotel will be a welcome upgrade of the Horizon and should incentivize the other casino properties to upgrade and improve its product offerings.  By the way, given the news of Caesars Entertainment Corporation (parent Company of Harrah’s and Harvey’s) retaining a firm to help deal with their more than $20Billion in debt it begs the question of what will be the impacts in Northern Nevada? It’s hard to see things remaining the same as there are bond holders at the door.

Why is it taking so long for Douglas County to hire a new County Manager. The former one gave notice in early March if Douglas County has someone in place by October 1 it will have taken them eight months? Really?

It has become painfully obvious that we need an effective communication program to educate visitors on how to take care of this place when they visit. The ski resorts have a skiers responsibility code how about we come up with a visitors responsibility code that gets distributed to everyone that visits? While we are at it how about local business placing trash cans in front of their business. I have noticed over time that more and more of these have disappeared.

Are you as tired as I am about the constant anti-Nevada whining form the old guard in this town? Let’s be clear the constant divisiveness is used to generate either revenue or power by those making the claim. Most in this community have long move past this issue. The visitor certainly has as they spend their money all over South Shore.  Think all those visitors here this past weekend care about this issue? They don’t.

Why is partying at Lakeview Commons on Thursday night ok to some but partying on the Nevada side seems to be the end of the world to some? Just curious.

The Big Picture

This past Sunday’s power outage once again revealed a major issue, the need for an integrated communication approach to find out what is going on. I went to Liberty energy’s website and could find no information about the power outage. I tried calling their phone number busy all night. The City manager and Angela Swanson were posting updates on face book. I am sorry but this is unacceptable.


Don’t miss the evenings on the beach. Make it a point to grab a drink or sandwich and just go sit and enjoy the beach around sunset.  Sometimes the best things in life are free.

It’s a Wrap

Clean up time. It was great to see the community support for the post Fourth of July clean-up. I think what some are realizing that while most of the focus on the environment for years has been TRPA policy and the resulting issue of coverage density etc.  What really matters is the little things like picking up cigarette butts and trash. Kudos to all those that pitched in.

Carl Ribaudo is a contributing columnist to the Tahoe Daily Tribune. He is also a consultant, speaker and writer who lives in South Shore. He can be reached at carl@smgonline.net