Welcome to Ramblings

My name is Carl Ribaudo I am an adventure motorcycle rider,  consultant, writer and speaker and the President of SMG Consulting,  a tourism and recreation consulting firm located in South Lake Tahoe. I got my start riding on a Honda 50 Mini Trail and later raced the Southern California moto cross circuit until school beckoned. Motorcycles slipped away as I built a successful consulting practice helping tourism destinations and recreation providers throughout the west. Motorcycles worked their way back into my life after I saw the Long Way Around  “I literarily bought the movie on a Friday and the following week was buying a motorcycle and once I threw my leg over the bike I know I was where I was supposed to be”.  I wasted no time solo touring on my BMW 1200GS exploring the two lane highways of the west.

I ride because of the pure joy it brings me and in riding a motorcycle I have come to appreciate the west in a way I never have while driving through it in a car, the places, the people and the experiences are all an adventure.  My work and my passion allow me to see some of the greatest places,  some of the most innovative destinations and the some of the most successful and creative people anywhere. New places, new people and new ideas it’s what I look for.

This website is combination of my work, my travels and my passions. I hope you enjoy it.

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