Favorite Movie of all Time- Hoosiers

Picking a favorite movie is a tough one there are so many good ones and I enjoy films a lot. But if I had to pick one favorite one that if it was I would always watch it I would have to say Hoosiers. Now many see this move as a sports story in which a small town rural basketball team in the 1950’s Indiana somehow beats all the other schools including the state powerhouse, sort of a David and Goliath. But I think the movie is really about redemption. The redemption of the coach who had some trouble in the past coaching kids but is looking to redeem himself through the game he loves.  In the end the coach is tested but as he learns to trust the kids he coaches they step up for him. I think the theme of redemption is powerful as many who have had challenges in their past seek to redeem themselves in the eyes of their friends, relatives, spouses but more importantly themselves.