The following are new pieces I hope you enjoy them.

October- A Poem

The following poem was inspired by the World Series but its not necessarily about the World Series. It's fall with the boys of summer Time for the best to square off The intensity is felt by Every player and fan Every play grinding Every pitch grinding The … [Read more...]

Snow Globe Lake Tahoe


I had the opportunity to attend Snow Globe on New Years Eve. The event is located in South Lake Tahoe has become quite a scene. The event is attended by lots of millennials and while the music is not my favorite cup of tea I think its a terrific event. This years events I was … [Read more...]

Art and Tourism Converge

IMG_0109 - Copy

In this over marketed one to one reach the customer world its always interesting to see a different and perhaps more effective approach emerge. I have always been fascinated how art is used and integrated into advertising and messaging. From a tourism destination perspective … [Read more...]

Wind – A Poem

(I am not by any means a writer of poetry but one day this one just came out.) My Wind To some it’s an invisible gale It blows trash and dust It sweeps the mesa and highway It whistles through the city cold But when I twist my right wrist I fly through the … [Read more...]