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Local Musings

Old Tahoe. I hear that from a certain segment of the local community. In old Tahoe it was like this. In old Tahoe we used to do that. Having lived here for just about thirty years I can certainly appreciate the nostalgia and the excitement I had when I moved here all those years ago. It seems some people have a hard time of letting go. The South Shore will never ever go back to those days many remember. The world has changed, our local economy has changed what was once a gaming driven economy is no longer. The community is redefining itself as a recreation and entertainment destination we like everywhere will change too. Some will handle this better than others, there is a saying I recall Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters making “Some fear what comes next, others are excited by it” Which one are you?

As the summer comes to a close we turn our attention to one our periodic blood sports. Local elections. At the city council there are seven candidates vying for three council seats. There are some old faces, some been around faces and some new faces. So it should be interesting. The early advantage goes to those who have been around and have some name recognition but that alone won’t get them elected. This election I think will be different for several reasons. First the recession is over so those that want to promote staying the course will have a tough time of it with that message. Second there are potentially new voting segments coming to the table beyond the traditional city unions and senior citizens. The young professional vote will be new and this election cycle the business community better organized through its PAC. I think people are at least open to a new message and new direction.

New Signs. I think the signs as you enter on the Nevada side look terrific and will help let visitors know they are entering a special place. Very similar to entering a national park. The point is letting people see the signs then shortly after, see the lake. The signs along with additional intensive public outreach should help to not only create awareness but also change visitor behavior. A few weeks ago people were complaining about all the trash on the beach in my opinion the only way to fix that problem is through awareness and education. These signs should be a part of that integrated process.

I think it’s a bummer kids start school before Labor Day. Always have.

I think most would agree the summer line up of concerts has been incredible, great acts, something for everyone. In fact I have heard from many friends asking about Aerosmith and the Eagles. Now imagine if we dial in our recreation offerings and improve the lodging and shopping infrastructure how well our experience will match the beauty of the Lake.

The Big Picture

The beheading of journalist James Foley does no intimidate me, it does not give me pause and does not create fear, and in fact I encourage the President to be ruthless in his actions against ISIS.


If you have not had a chance to drive one of the many high mountain passes that crisscross the Sierra do make a point to take a drive this fall. The quality of the beauty and the experience is just incredible. Bring your camera.

It’s a Wrap

Like many of you I have been fascinated with the ALS ice bucket challenge. Hope everyone remembers the Yankee great Lou Gehrig who became the diseases most famous victim and gave a face to this horrible disease.

Carl Ribaudo is a contributing columnist to the Tahoe Daily Tribune. He is also a consultant, speaker and writer who lives in South Shore. He can be reached at